Now that you are ready to make a change, you need to create a communication plan for the implementation phase.

We're going to put together a plan for the right communications that are stakeholder-specific.

Each stakeholder group has unique perspectives and needs, so you need a plan that addresses each group individually.

Communications during Implementation

During the implementation of change, you want to reinforce the "Why" and focus on the benefits for each stakeholder group.

While you and your team are fully immersed in the project, your stakeholders may have had limited involvement. 

Remind them of the The Three Whys:

  • Why are you making a change?
  • What's in it for them?
  • Why does it have to happen now?

Then focus on the benefits. How is each stakeholder group impacted? What benefits will they see as a result of this project?

Your plan must include:

  • Who are you going to tell?
  • What are you to tell them?
  • When are you going to tell them?
  • Why are you telling them?
  • Where/How are you telling them?

Types of communications:

- Email
- One-on-one meetings
- Newsletters
- Live training
- Recorded training
- Brochures, posters, flyers or post-cards
- Department or town hall meetings
- Videos

Keep in mind that different people have different communication styles so consider using multiple methods for each group.

Open, honest and transparent communication will drive buy-in. Unless the project is highly confidential, don't keep secrets! The more you are willing to share, the more your stakeholders will trust you.

Consider your messenger. The project sponsor and team leader aren't the only ones who can deliver communications. Remember your influencers and champions? Engage them in your communications. Hearing updates from people on team creates credibility for your project.

Action Items for This Course

  • If possible, conduct a Pilot Test to verify the new process or improvement before full implementation
  • Create a RACI(D) to document roles nad responsibilities
  • Update your Communication Plan. Develop a robust plan to communicate your changes.

Lessons in this Course:

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