Intro to Problem Solving


Introduction to Problem-Solving

Now that we have clearly defined our problem, established our objective and engaged our stakeholders, we're ready to start diving in to truly understand our problem or opportunity. You will to dig into the root cause of the problem to ensure you are fixing it at the source and not simply fixing the symptoms.

Every CI project has unique needs and goals, so we're going to teach you a variety of tools so you can build your skills. Choose the tools that make the most sense for your project. Some problems are straightforward and can be solved quickly with one or two tools. Some are highly complex and may require the use of multiple tools.

CI is an art and a science. It takes patience and practice! If you choose a tool and it's not working, try another.

In this course we'll cover the most commonly used problem solving tools:

- Root Cause Analysis
- Data Analysis
- Process Mapping
- Gemba Walking

In the Implement Change course, we show you how to use a RACI(D) to define roles and responsibilities. This is also a great tool for the Problem Solving phase. If roles and responsibilities are a challenge with your problem or opportunity, skip over to the RACI(D) lesson!

With any new tool, it takes time and practice to become proficient. Practice using these tools both at work, and at home, to improve your skills.

If you get stuck, post in the community to get feedback.

Lessons in this Course:

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