By now, you may have a LOT of ideas. So, how do you choose? Where do you even begin?

Let's review a simple approach to prioritization  to help you decide where to start. In this lesson, we'll show you how to conduct a 2x2 prioritization.


If you have too many project ideas and you're not sure where to begin, use the 2x2 prioritization matrix.

The 2x2 matrix uses two factors to prioritize. You can pick any two factors, but for project prioritization, we're going to use Impact and Ease of Implementation.

Download the 2x2 Prioritization Guide to do a simple prioritization of your ideas.

Start Small

When in doubt, start small. Pick a problem that you can solve with relative ease. When you're first getting started with continuous improvement, choose something that is within your control.

Work on something that you directly impact. When others, and your supervisor, see the improvements you can make to your daily work, it will increase their buy-in to continue working on new projects.

This strategy also helps hone your skills as you prepare to tackle bigger and tougher challenges.

Now that your eyes are open to all of the inefficiency within your organization, starting small can be difficult. Very difficult. Completing several "quick wins" with a small team will help you build momentum and get support to take on even bigger projects.

Quick-Wins vs Long-Term Effort

Once you have a couple of "Quick Wins" under your belt, you should begin adding those "Long-Term Efforts" to your project portfolio. These are high impact projects that are more difficult to implement, so get started now so you can realize the benefits in the future.

A quality project portfolio has a foundation built on "Long-Term Efforts" with "Quick Wins" integrated throughout to maintain momentum and to continually realize benefits.

When you have selected your CI project, or narrowed your list to a small set of projects, move on to the next step.

Action Items for this Course

  • Constantly seek opportunities for improvement in your daily work
  • Identify the 8 Forms of Waste (DOWNTIME) in your company's processes and eliminate them!
  • Track ideas and maintain your daily Opportunity Log
  • Prioritize your problems and opportunities using the 2x2 Prioritization Matrix

Lessons in this Course:

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