CI Leadership Live with Jennifer Petit


Social distancing and quarantine are changing the way you will do business going forward, but that doesn’t mean that CI initiatives at your company need to be stifled. 

Jennifer Petit, Senior Director of Process & Analysis at WOW!, is leveraging CI to respond to the crisis and to deliver her company’s services more safely and efficiently than ever before. In this webinar, she gives you an insider look on how she is managing transformation at WOW!, an internet service provider, day to day as well as through the pandemic.  
Jennifer was joined by Neil Calvert, CEO of LINQ and a digital transformation pioneer. Neil helps companies like WOW! understand how to put their business data on the offensive to thrive through crises like the COVID pandemic and come out the other side, ready to accelerate into the new normal. Dave Harris, CEO of MagikMinds, facilitated the discussion.