CI Leadership Live with Jason Whitehorn


What happens to your CI program when no one is in the office? How do you sustain an improvement culture when everyone is now working remotely?

Jason Whitehorn, Vice President of Engineering at Hickory Software Labs, and Allison Greco, Founder of CII, will give you practical advice on how to navigate in this new environment. 

We'll cover real advice on: 

- Engaging remote employees  
- Fostering strong communication among your team 
- Sustaining & building your CI culture 
- Tactical efforts to engrain CI within remote work 

Jason Whitehorn is the Vice President of Engineering at Hickory Software Labs. He has managed teams that combine remote and local employees. He totally understands that keeping remote employees involved in the culture and communication was always a challenge. 

Allison Greco is the Founder of CII. She's managed CI programs for the railroad, utilities, energy industry and for the federal government. Allison has successfully managed cross-functional CI project teams operating across multiple states.....and had fun while doing it.