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You are moments away from the training, tools, advice and support you need to be successful in leading improvement projects and building a culture of continuous improvement within your service-based organization

You are sitting at your desk thinking...

  • You are frustrated with inefficiencies and ineffective processes at work, but you don't know where to start.
  • Lean and Six Sigma are great methods for manufacturing, but they don't help you tackle stuff like wasteful business processes, unnecessary approvals, bureaucracy and change management in a service-based company.
  • You would love to have support from people who have been successful with continuous improvement. 
  • You just wish your supervisor and your team would get on board with your continuous improvement ideas.
  • "The way we've always done it" isn't good enough. There has to be a better way.

We’ve worked with great people who had great ideas to improve the business but were set up for failure

You are not alone...

We've had to learn all those lessons the hard way through failed continuous improvement and process improvement programs and projects.

That's why we started CII. We watched as our companies:

  • Sent our co-workers to expensive, weeks-long training that overwhelmed them with academics and statistics but didn’t give them a way to address real business problems.
  • Provided no ongoing support to help employees tackle the challenges they faced when they left class.
  • Offered no insights into best practices or lessons learned from other companies or even other departments.
  • Attempted to solve business problems without consideration for the customer and without engaging employees who were closest to the work.

Introducing the CII Membership

Watch the video to see how CII can help you meet your goals

The CII Membership is the only community dedicated exclusively to continuous improvement and process improvement professionals in service-based (non-manufacturing) environments.

It's full of practical training, tools, webinars and resources to help you complete continuous improvement projects and build a culture of CI within your organization. Plus, we have the community support you need to make your efforts a success!

A holistic continuous improvement mindset

If you want to empower them (your employees) and enable them to learn tools that can help not just their own skillset but improve the business and work better as a teammate, then this is a training that’s going to offer a holistic continuous improvement mindset to an individual.

Mark - Piedmont, SD

With a CII Membership, You'll GET:

Step-By-Step Project Roadmap
- self-paced and approachable improvements

The Roadmap guides you step-by-step to successfully identify and implement your continuous improevment and process improvement projects.

covering the most valuable problem-solving methods

Our course library contains all the training you need on topics from change management to effective decision making to process mapping.

- tools to use at every step of the way

Our toolbox contains the essential templates and guides like the Project Charter, SIPOC, Pairwise Comparison and the Stakeholder Conversation Guide.

- get a little help from your friends

Our community is an encouraging environment to ask for feedback, share lessons learned and gain support while getting to know other like-minded continuous improvers.

- stay current on the latest trends and methodologies

Each month we bring you live webinars with industry experts and provide you with live training to keep your skills fresh. Click here to see the schedule.

All the toolbox in one location...

A lot of the tools I have used throughout my career but to have all the toolbox in one location for a charter, the 5 Whys, and Decision Making was really good.

Kim - Tulsa, OK

About The Founder, Allison,

and the WHY behind CII

My first taste of continuous improvement came with my summer internship in the Lean department of a railroad. I was hooked! I absolutely love that "before and after"!

That experience inspired me to earn my BS in Industrial Engineering and my MBA. I craved to know more so I became a licensed professional Industrial Engineer and a certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ).

I am naturally inclined to always question how things are done and to always look for a better way of doing business. So naturally, I took on CI roles for the railroad, the federal government, the utilities and the energy industry.

Over the next decade, I became more and more frustrated. Every company basically had the same challenges. And every company desperately needs a continuous improvement program.

We were working on accounting, customer service, operations, engineering and other service-based improvement, but we weren't producing widgets and we weren't focused on manufacturing quality. We were tackling inefficiency and ineffectiveness in our work processes and saving millions of dollars. But there is almost no support for continuous improvement outside of manufacturing. We wanted an organization that truly understood and supported our unique needs.

There had to be a better way. So it became my mission to solve this problem.

Welcome, to Continuous Improvement International, the better way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have any experience with CI? Like zero, none.

So, what's a CI project?

Why don't I just use Google to find free downloads and watch YouTube videos?

I have a lot of experience and have completed lots of projects. Is this for me?

I've been to other Six Sigma and process improvement classes and found them intimidating. Will this be the same?

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With a CII membership, we're here to:

help you master the most-valuable CI skills to become a skilled leader

walk you step by step to complete successful ci projects

show you how to tackle your company's toughest problems

teach you the secrets to success from experienced ci leaders

give you guidance to gain support of your leadership and your peers

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